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Prince Edward County Wineries

Three Dog Winery

We are John and Sacha Squair. We started planting vines for Three Dog Winery in 2000. We planted 500 Pinot Gris followed by 1500 Pinot Noir in 2002.


Trying to start a vineyard/winery, working it only on the weekends, while living in the GTA is crazy making. In 2003 we made the big leap to "The County".


We want Three Dog to become a gathering place for the community near and far. Not just a winery where you buy a bottle of wine and leave. We want to create a place where you not only want to stop and enjoy a glass of wine, but also a place where Artists, Artisanal Food Producers, Farmers, Craftsman, can come and set up their wares and offer our space for free to share the "Bounty of the County".


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Traynor Family Vineyard

The property was purchased in December 2008, it was a frozen cornfield but proprietor Mike Traynor could see his vision from that moment.


The retail store opened it's doors Labour Day weekend of 2014. Since then, Mike's vision of creating a comfortable space where people can come visit and enjoy has become reality. He is living the dream.


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Cape Vineyards

In 2010, after many years of wine making and researching the best land in Prince Edward County, Michael Lewis found Cape Vessey. He purchased 120 acres of prime land protected by a limestone rock escarpment and Lake Ontario. The property included a large vineyard that was planted in the 1990's that needed extensive work to restore, it was the perfect canvas to build the winery. 


We are so excited to announce ‪Prince Edward County's‬ newest food truck, that will be located at our beautiful winery starting in June!!   Reggie's is more then just a food truck it's the perfect balance of Mediterranean county fusion using local ingredients with exotic spices, their food is out of this world delicious!  Get down to Prince Edward County this summer and tour the east side. 


Winery open daily 11 am to 6 pm (May to Dec)


Food Truck Hours: 11:00am - 8:00pm Thur / Fri / Sat / Sun


To visit the winery click here!

TerraCello Winery

TerraCello Winery and the Auciello family welcomes everyone to their farm Winery located just minutes from Sandbanks beach in Prince Edward County.


We look forward to meeting you and enjoying your company while you enjoy a rustic yet refined experience with our wines and our Southern Italian hospitality.


And wait til you try our oven baked pizza with our wine ... "A Match Made in Heaven"!


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Trail Estate Winery

Situated in Hillier, Ontario, where Benway Road intersects the Millennium Trail, Trail Estate Winery is one of the newest wineries in Prince Edward County. We focus solely on small batch wines, and believe this allows us to craft wines which showcase the characteristics of each varietal.


Visit their winery here

The Grange

The history here at the grange is integral to our winery project. Without this property, with its rolling fields and the historical buildings we would not be doing what we are today.


The building that houses our winery is actually the barn that was built in 1826, and in fact, it is the first barn ever built on the property. The hayloft now houses our tasting bar, and the old limestone basement that was once a dairy milking parlor, is now our wine cellar.

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Norman Hardie Winery

Norm Hardie is one of a select few winemakers who has mastered the art of tasting, growing and making wine in both hemispheres, in six wine regions around the world. In his early 20s he received his Sommelier certification from the esteemed wine program at the University of Dijon in Burgundy. After working as a sommelier for Four Seasons Hotels for six years, his desire to pursue the art of winemaking led him on a six-year journey apprenticing with winemakers in Burgundy, South Africa, Oregon, New Zealand and California.


In 2003 Hardie put roots down in Prince Edward County by planting 12,000 Pinot Noir vines, 3,000 Chardonnay vines and 2000 Pinot Gris vines. Today Hardie applies his global expertise to crafting wines that reflect the incredible terroir and cool climate of Ontario.

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Pizza @ Norm Hardie

Hillier Creek Estates

In the fall of 2000, Amber and Kemp Stewart purchased the property that is now Hillier Creek Estates. Though the property had not been inhabited for 15 years, the land had quite a bit of history, tracing its roots to the Loyalist days of the County.

Hillier Creek Estates, in its current state, is a farm winery comprised  of 50 acres; 24 of which are planted with Gamay, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay,  Riesling, and our newly planted Vidal.

The barn, now used as our winery, cellar, and tasting room, outdates us all. Estimated to be over 160 years old, the original barn was built directly on the ground.

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Casa Dea Estates

Our Winemaker's goal is to craft excellent wine, producing fruit that expresses the terrior of our property so as to produce characterful, stylish, elegant wines. Our VQA Approved wines have passed the stringent VQA regulations.

We invite you to visit our Winery to taste and learn about our wines. Our wine is available for purchase on site at our La Pergola Wine Boutique or by contacting us by phone or email. You can have the opportunity to taste Casa-Dea wines at selected Restaurants, B&B's, Inns and Hotels.

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Huff Estates

Note from Owner/President, Lanny Huff

"I grew up in Prince Edward County and I can assure you, once you have it in your blood, you are bound to return. It is a very special place with a long tradition of growing and an exciting new future in fine wine production. That is why I decided to return to 'The County' when my passion for wine could no longer be put aside. Breezy coastal summers, cool colorful falls and ideal soil conditions were the perfect formula for me. Huff Estates was born in an ideal location on the quiet south shore of the peninsula on Lake Ontario.

Our 150 acre plot of land is guarded in the south by ancient oak trees. It seemed to me to be the perfect marriage for great wine. Oak and wine are entwined in a relationship that dates back to early wine making. It is only fitting that the towering oaks of Huff Estate stand guard over the vineyard in the valley below. Huff Estates is dedicated to the production of only the finest wines that this age old relationship of oak and grape can create.”


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Bergeron Estates Winery

The Bergeron Family invites you to visit their stunning waterfront winery and vineyard located on the shores of Adolphus Reach, just across the Glenora Ferry on the Loyalist Parkway. Boasting rich clay soils and moderate lakeside temperatures, the conditions are perfect for the production of complex, delicious wines.


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Waupoos Estates Winery

The modern pioneers of Prince Edward County wine are Ed Neuser and Rita Kaimins. Ed Neuser, a German-born machinist who came to Canada in 1957, purchased the 100-acre farm century-old house in 1983. Ed chuckles when he recalls the night that he and Rita decided to try planting grapes. "It was after a couple glasses of wine, or maybe it was a couple of bottles," he jokes. "Everybody thought we were off our rockers - we had no experience growing grapes or making wines."


Ed explains that he and Rita traveled  extensively, "we visited every wine region on the planet. We knew we  wanted a boutique winery." Among the scores of challenges they faced, according to Ed, was  attaining a retail license. It was a process that would end up taking 2 1/2 years to complete. "We had to lobby very hard," he says.

In the end, Ed and Rita's hard work and perseverance paid off: on June 15th, 2001, Waupoos Estates opened for business. Ed is deservedly proud of their accomplishments, "in record time we became a Designated Viticultural Area (DVA). In ten years we've put the County on the world map - it's been quite a journey."

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Stanners Vineyard

Stanners Vineyard is a family venture that began in 2003 with the  purchase of a parcel of farmland near the village of Hillier in Prince  Edward County. The “terroir”, that is, the soil, terrain and weather,  seemed ideal for our quest to produce a Pinot Noir that would be the  rival of any in the world.

Our unique winery was built in 2009 using straw bales for the  walls of the barrel room, a first for Eastern Canada. The winery is now open for tasting and wine sales.

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Lift Haus Winery

At Lift Haus winery in historic Prince Edward County, the old world  meets the new.  We grow, nurture, harvest, age and bottle our wines on  site in order to present to you the best of our terroir. We invite you  to stop by and "lift your spirits" with our wines.


We had in mind the kind of wine we  wanted to make which was Pinot Noir. Despite Pinot Noir's reputation as  the heartbreak grape, for us there is nobility of taste to this red wine  that sets it apart from other red wines.

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Harwood Estate Vineyards

You'll be meeting us in action quite often. Our Winemakers, Cellar Manager,  Vineyard Manager, Tasting Room Hosts ... any and all going about their daily tasks.  We love to talk about what we're doing.  You'll see where the grapes are grown, watch our wines being made and get to know the people who make them.

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Sugarbush Vineyards

Sugarbush Vineyards is a small family owned (Robert & Sally Peck) and operated vineyard and winery located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. We are the garagiste winery of Prince Edward County.  


You will never find us in your local LCBO  store. We want to be able to manage & perform all aspects of our  operation and, at the same time, have an enjoyable lifestyle.  In order  to do this, we need to stay small. Our wines are only available at our  retail store and at a number of Eastern Ontario restaurants. In the  next few years we will reach our peak production of 1500 cases/year.

Our vineyard is herbicide free. All of our weed  control is performed manually.  We keep mowed grass down our alleys,  and use a grape hoe and hand hoes to remove weeds between each vine in  the row. This is more expensive and time consuming, but is much better  for the long term health of our farm.

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Rosehall Run

Rosehall Run Vineyards is situated on prime grape growing land on Greer  Road in Hillier, just off the Loyalist Parkway in Prince Edward County.

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Closson Chase Vineyards

Closson Chase is a quality-driven producer that has helped spearhead  the birth of the Prince Edward County wine industry. Since 1999, it has  been committed to creating distinctive wines that rival the world’s  finest.  Set in Hillier, Ontario, the estate is over 30 acres of south  facing, limestone-rich soil under vine; planted high density to the  classic Burgundian-varietals of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with small  yields, French-inspired vinification and careful barreling in 100%  French oak. But more than that, it is a place of great inspiration.

Viticulturalist (and iconoclast) Deborah Paskus is one of Canada’s  most celebrated winemakers.   Deborah wants what is placed in the bottle to represent  as natural an expression of the vineyard as possible.

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The Devil's Wishbone Winery

Contact: Paul Gallagher


Long Dog Winery

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Keint-He Winery

Our name, Keint-he Winery & Vineyards, is  derived from a native word. Keint-he was the name of one of the four  Seneca villages in this part of eastern Ontario. The Senecas were one of  the five tribes of the Iroquois. The word Keint-he was  later francocized into, Quinte and used in English names such as, the  Bay of Quinte.

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County Cider

The County Cider Company Estate Winery is a family-operated estate winery specializing in mouth-watering hard ciders. (In North America hard cider is an alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice.) Carefully crafted from the best apples grown on our family farm and nearby orchards, our ciders are made with 100% pure apple juice.

In recent years, the County Cider Company has expanded its production to include classic wine varietals such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir. Grown on our Waupoos and Adolphus Reach estates, every grape is hand-harvested and crafted, by winemaker Jenifer Dean, into wine that embodies the area's rich terroir.

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Karlo Estates

Karlo Estates is located in the hub of the exciting new wine region of Prince Edward County ("The County"). Its 93 rolling acres of Burgundian soil straddle the regions of Wellington and Hillier. You will find it on historic Danforth Road, built in 1799. (Yes, the same Danforth famous for Greek food in Toronto.)

Ideally situated close to the shores of Lake Ontario, Karlo Estates enjoys the lake's moderating effects to alleviate Canada's harsh winters and hot summers. The soil, made up of limestone and the famous Hillier clay, closely resembles the celebrated soil of the Burgundy region of France. With latitude similar to Burgundy as well, the County's Karlo Estates promises to produce great Canadian Wines with a distinctive terroir.

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Del Gatto Estates

Del-Gatto Estates, Bella Vigne is family owned and operated,  specializing in hybrid grape varieties.  Hand planted, hand picked and  hand crafted - our wines will take you on a new journey.  You will feel  the life in the vines, our love for them, and the passion we have for  each vintage.  Bringing an authentic feel of Italy to Southern Ontario,  we invite you to enjoy something new.  Civediamo Presto !


Visit us online at

Sandbanks Estate Winery

Guided and self-guided vineyard tours, contemporary art exhibits and a season full of lively events and entertainment are waiting for you at Sandbanks Estate Winery. You are invited to enjoy our picnic area, relax and take in the spectacular views of Lake Ontario.

Come and experience some of the County’s finest award winning wines, and celebrate our tenth anniversary year with us.

Cheers! Santé! Salud!

Visit us online at

By Chadsey's Cairnes

Our wine store is a charming one-room building with mysterious origins, an 1840's architectural jewel hidden from roadside view behind weather-greyed barns. Over the years, like all farm buildings, it has been put to good practical use: school house for field hands' children, chapel, apple storehouse and workshop, perhaps even for coffin construction for the nearby Chadsey Cemetery. These days we serve wine tastings.

Visit us online at

Lacey Estates

Visit our website at

Black Prince Winery

Black Prince Winery is located in the picturesque area of Prince  Edward County. A region that has the viticulture landscape to produce  first-rate wines.

Conveniently located in the heart of this region, in Picton on  Highway #33, Black Prince Winery opened to the public in the fall of 2003.

We welcome the public to visit Black Prince Winery retail room and  sample our wide selection of wines and learn about the history of our  winery and the area.

Visit us online at

Exultet Estates Inc.

Family owned and operated, we are a small hands-on operation from vineyard to bottle. Our goal is to make the most elegant expression of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that this land is capable of. To make a wine that says by its taste that it comes from our particular vineyards. Wine that exults!


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Hinterland Wine Company

We, Jonas and Vicki, would like to take all the credit for producing these fantastic wines, but most of the credit goes to the vines and the soil they are planted in.  The County of Prince Edward is perfectly suited for making sparkling wine.   When we pick the grapes, we aim for an appropriate sugar level and acidity to make our base wine that will eventually go through a secondary ferment to product sparkling wine.  What is so great about growing sparkling wine grapes in the County is that along with the perfect sugar and acid levels, our grapes have ripened slowly so they have a physiological ripeness!  The seeds are brown and there is an exciting complexity in the flavour of our grapes.


Visit us online at

Lighthall Vineyards Inc.

Lighthall Vineyards is a small, proud, low volume and high quality winery located in the Prince Edward Region of Ontario, Canada. With our tasting bar inside the production area, we aspire to share this enriching experience with every customer that comes to visit. 


Visit us online at

Redtail Vineyard

In the summer of 2003, during one of our numerous trips from Luskville to Consecon to inspect the construction of our new house, this beautiful red tail hawk appeared to us perched at the top of a telephone pole across the street from the future vineyard. When the same hawk was found on the same perch on the following two visits, Pauline and I knew this was a sign and we decided to call our vineyard: “Redtail Vineyard”. When we moved in, we discovered that a pair of red tail hawks was nesting near the house.


But the story continues. Our first vines were planted on June 19, 2004 under the supervision of Geoff Heinricks. Once the job was done, we all returned to the house where Champagne was chilling on ice to celebrate the occasion. On the front porch, overlooking the vineyard, all three of us raised our glass to toast the new plants. At that precise moment, both red tail hawks flew out in front of us and treated us to aerial acrobatics. What an omen!


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The Old Third Vineyard and Winery

The Old Third Vineyard takes its name from the original term for the area. The property is situated on Closson Road which bisects the Third Concession, a Crown grant near the end of the 18th Century. However, the road was named Closson only relatively recently. Prior to that it was not officially named so the people who lived here called it The Old Third.


Visit us online at
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