Prince Edward County Wineries - Upcoming Events ...

Check back regularly for Prince Edward County Wineries announcements and specials.  We will be announcing all winery related events in the county so you can plan your next visit accordingly!

Ground Hog Day @ Three Dog Winery Feb 3 & 4

Join us for our 5th annual Ground Hog Day Party!


Free snowshoeing, free hot dogs for you to roast on the open fire.


Sit back with a glass of wine in the cozy tasting room and listen to some music Sat and Sun Feb 3rd and 4th 11:00-5:00

Valentine's @ Sandbanks Winery

Sweep your partner away this Valentine's Day weekend (Feb 10th, 11th), and come indulge your senses, at Sandbanks Winery!


Our Valentine's Day Package, is $25, and includes 2 tickets to our Exclusive tutored wine and chocolate pairing session & 2 glasses of our Love cocktail.
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