Prince Edward County Wineries - Upcoming Events ...

Check back regularly for Prince Edward County Wineries announcements and specials.  We will be announcing all winery related events in the county so you can plan your next visit accordingly!

Festivus at Three Dog Winery

Festivus Saturdays from Nov 18, 25th and Dec 2 in the Seinfeld tradition.


Those who participate in feats of strength, and airing of grievances sample for free.


Live music fireside sessions with Tim Sheffield. Enter to win amazing prizes. 

Wassail @ Sandbanks Winery 























Celebrate the end of the season with us and raise a glass to Wassail!


Wreath making using our own vines (donations accepted for Wellington Foodbank), complimentary white mulled wine with tasty treats, and pulled pork sundaes by The Travelling Friar!
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