Prince Edward Vs. Opimian Wines


Prince Edward County, Ontario


Wine Tour 


Friday, April 28 - Sunday, April 30, 2017


Prince Edward County Wines


Opimian Wines of the World


We are inviting you to visit beautiful Prince Edward County and tour five unique local wineries.  Area Rep, Delores Woodley will lead the tour for this weekend, assisted by Patsy de Courcy-Ireland.  


Guests will be staying at the quaint Picton Harbour Inn and will arrive on Friday evening for a Reception to taste some of the Opimian wines of the world and meet up with members from the area.  


After breakfast, on April 29,  the bus will pick us up at the Inn and drive us to five wineries:  Harwood Estates, Trail Estate Winery, Traynor Family Winery, Stanners Winery and Karlo Estates.  


They have been chosen to reflect their unique characteristics and will provide you with great examples of wines that reflect the terroir of this quickly growing wine region.  The Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association Website states: “The limestone-rich soils of Prince Edward County produce wines with an unmistakable sense of place.  The natural minerality of the soil is highlighted in the wines along with other flavours developed from the nutrients and minerals that the grapes absorb as they grow.”


  After a day of touring the wineries, local Chef Michael Hoy (pictured) will prepare a delicious meal that evening using local ingredients that are sure to match perfectly with the Opimian and local wines that will tantalise your taste buds.


Joining us for dinner and to lead us in our tasting will be owner and winemaker Paul Gallagher of The Devils Wishbone!


We will be entertained during the evening by Celtic musician Mark McGreavy.


Breakfast will be included both mornings and a picnic lunch will be provided during the tour.


Price for the weekend includes 2 nights’ accommodation plus everything mentioned above.


Members: $375       Guests: $400


This event is open to the public as "guests" ...


RSVP: Delores Woodley - or 343-364-5745
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