Welcome To Prince Edward County Wineries!


Hi,  Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Joe and I moved to Prince Edward County several years ago. 




The Prince Edward County Wineries of course!  There are almost 40 wineries within a 25 minute drive of where I live!


My plan is to do features such as video tours of the actual wineries and reviews of the individual wines produced in the Prince Edward County Wineries.


So, bookmark this and plan on keeping up to date as I explore some fantastic wineries!


And if you see me driving around the county stop me for some free tasting tickets at local wineries!


Joe Haché



Mail me ... countywineries@gmail.com

Videos of all Prince Edward County Wineries will be posted on this site soon.  You will be able to take a virtual tour prior to coming down and doing the tastings at your favorite winery!


We will also have actual tastings posted online.   This way you can do your homework online prior to coming to the Prince Edward County Wineries to sample your favorite wines in an actual winery!


Want to be notified of an upcoming winery event here in the county? 


Join our twitter page and get all sorts of updates.  Wine sales across the county ... all special events going on.  When we hear about it ... so will you!

Live in Wine Country!

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